What Happens at The Schools

It’s all about understanding YOUR game.

Australian Golf Schools provides intensive, personal golf tuition on the idyllic golf courses located on the Gold Coast. Our ideal 5 day course is best, however we have 3, 2 and 1 day (refresher) courses for you to choose from.

Our facilities at Emerald Lakes Golf Course are second to none and our coaches are all PGA accredited with International experience and reputations as well as personal experience on the PGA Tours.

Our main program is designed as an intensive 5 days of golf. Our experience shows us that, with new students, a 5 day minimum program is best. It takes two to three days, normally, to get any changes in swing or thought process embedded then the last two days to consolidate.

The Australian Golf Schools Program builds upon itself each day. This  is not just you and an Instructor standing on the driving range tee hitting golf ball after golf ball trying something new in your golf swing after each shot. It  is a well designed program that was put together so that you’ll see constant improvement – each hour of the day.

Each individual will be improving their own swing. This isn’t a cookie cutter approach – this a ‘Results Based Approach‘ that works!  Each day is designed to allow you and your Instructor to discover and correct the weak points of your golf swing.  And just as importantly – this approach of correcting the weak points and compensations in your golf swing that are causing inconsistency – will allow you to improve and create a more consistent golf swing.

The main difference between Australian Golf Schools and most other golf schools is that we operate almost every week of the year. Our team of coaches headed by the school founder, Tom Linskey, are all PGA Members with international experience and significant reputations and are available to coach 7 days a week. This means that we can offer you the school of your choice at the time that suits you. A very important consideration in today’s busy world.

A singular teaching approach for YOU!

Our professionals will help you understand your game more fully, helping you apply your own unique swing to every phase of the game. They’ll cover long and short irons, wedge and sand shots, trouble shots, chipping, putting and more. They’ll also help you focus on course strategy while you enjoy a championship course that’s both memorable and challenging.

Registration Procedures

Call the Australian Golf Schools on 0468 309 163  to register for any golf school. Australian Golf Schools  require a deposit of five hundred dollars (Aus$500) at the time of registration. Thirty (30) days prior to your school your credit card will automatically be charged for the balance of your tuition. Registration requests within thirty (30) days of your school will require full payment at the time of reservation.

Or click here now to send us a personal email with your questions or register to join us!  We will contact you straight back.