Terry Adcock

Terry Adcock

Terry Adcock starting swinging a golf club in the backyard at 4 years of age. With kids clubs and rubber balls, he spent hours in the backyard playing. Little did he know it would become his profession and get to see the world doing what he loves.

When the family moved from Brisbane to Central Western QLD, Terry didn’t get to play for nearly 5 years. When the family returned to Brisbane, Terry re-united with his love for the game straight away. He even got a full set of real clubs to practice with.

_OWD3341 copyHe used right handed clubs even though he was actually left handed, but as left handed models were scarce, he was advised to learn right handed, something that was very common in that period.

Terry first started playing at Pacific Golf Club, in Brisbane, but struggled to play after the family again relocated, this time to the Gold Coast.

Back then there were only 3 18 hole golf courses, so Terry joined Gold Coast Burleigh as a Junior Member and his fate was sealed.

Terry started working on the weekends for new Club Professional, John Collins, and then started an Apprenticeship with John.

After completing his apprenticeship, Terry played the Australian Tour and then took a job as the Club Pro at Terranora Lakes Country Club, just south of the coast. After 5 years working as a Club Pro, Terry went back to playing, and in 1974 qualified for the British Open at St Andrews.

“It was a great experience, but christ it was cold, and coming from Queensland, that was a real shock”, Adcock said, “but I loved every minute of it”

Upon his return, Terry become a touring coach, for somewhat of a better word, travelling around Queensland coaching at the smaller country courses, to grow the game. Once again Terry couldn’t get playing out of his system and returned to the tour. It was then he achived his best finish, a 3rd in the Australian PGA.

_OWD3345 copy“I was leading with 9 holes to play, but just couldn’t hang on to win, but I wasn’t disappointed, it was great to compete at that level and finish in the top 3”, he said.

Eventually Terry got playing out of his system and committed solely to coaching. He dedicated his life to learning about the swing, ball flight and anything else he could study up on. He traveled to the USA several times to attend coaching schools, seminars and exhibitions, just to further his own knowledge. He was the first of the Australian Coaches to go internationally just to extend their knowledge.

Since then, Terry has been a highly decorated coach in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Switzerland, China and Malaysia. He has coached at several courses here on the coast including Carrara Golf Club, Robina Woods, Gold Coast Burleigh, Terranora Lakes, Emerald Lakes and Carrara Gardens.

“I have loved coaching my entire life and feel so lucky with what I have achieved. I have commentated for NZ Tv, played an exhibition match with Greg Norman, hosted coaching clinics for PING in the United States, coached touring professionals and traveled the world. I might have been a frustrated golfer but I have never lost patience with coaching. I love it and I love learning, and I know that filters through to my students. My ultimate goal is to introduce as many people as I can to this great game”

By the looks of it, Terry is in no hurry to move again, the big smile on his face is clear evidence he loves being on the coast, and he is here to stay.