Keeping your head still

If you believe in ‘Father Christmas’, the ‘Tooth Fairy’ or ‘Genies’ then you are a candidate to believe in ‘keeping your head still’, ‘keeping your left arm straight’ or other golfing tales handed down as folk law, which, for most people are counter-productive.

When we ask pupils what they believe are the most important fundamentals of the golf swing a huge percentage answer automatically ‘keep your left arm straight and your head down’. Our experience is that both those supposed fundamentals are seriously detrimental when put into practice by the average golfer. 

Most people have an image of the golf swing as a circle. This is fine, but they believe their head to be the centre of that circle which is not fine at all! Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and take your stance. Now rotate your body, as you do, to the top of your backswing, keeping your head still. Where is your weight?

Most of it will be on your front foot, which means you have ‘reverse pivoted’. Your weight should be predominately on your back foot at the top of the backswing, which is where it will be if you understand that your spine is the centre of your swing. So stand up to the mirror again and try it again, this time keeping your spine still and see what happens. This time your head will have moved back with your body turn and your weight will be poised over your back foot ready to unleash all your power in the correct direction down the target line.