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How do I know my clubs are correct for me? 25. January 2016

Included your program is a free club assessment. This normally includes checking you have the correct lie angles, club lengths and correct flex. We even check grip size as this can have a massive impact on whether your hands work correctly.  Most times the clubs are fine but every now and then we find a set that is totally incorrectly fitted to the student and causes swing and impact errors. If the clubs are too upright, the heel will dig in and the ball will fly to the left. When a set is incorrectly suited to the golfer, even the best swing improvements will not allow them to full fill their potential. That is why we include this free of charge in all programs. The clubs need to let us do our jobs, that is get the most improvement out of your game.

What happens in bad weather? 24. November 2015

Well c’mon.. this is the sunshine state…beautiful one day…perfect the next. We get around 300 days of sunshine each year however occasionally we do get some rain and we are the only fully protected practice facility on the Gold Coast. We can practice under cover even when it is pouring outside. This is one of the many reasons we have been in business over 36 years.

Can I pay by Credit Card? I don’t like using my credit card online? 24. November 2015

You sure can however we generally use PBay or Electronic Bank Transfer to make sure your payment is 100% safe. When you enroll you will receive and invoice with our bank details on the bottom to assist you.

How do I know which program will suit me? 24. November 2015

We believe our 5 day program is the best, and gets the best results. However each day you get with a coach will provide dramatic improvement so if you are stuck for time, our 3 day school also produces great results.

We see our 5 day program allowing us enough time to give you a lot of great information, allow you time to relax and absorb the information and give you plenty of time to practice and in grain your new skills, ow, and also enjoy 5 of the best courses in Australia (that alone is worth the trip).

What skill level is required to join? 23. November 2015

The answer to this is basically none..we teach elite level golfers or raw beginners. In fact our preference is new golfers so we can work on the good areas and learn new skills and not have to work on poorer areas that have been ingrained over long periods. Most golfers that attend the programs are new to intermediate level golfers and they are also the ones who get the most out of it…

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