Paul / Tommy

A very excited old Durko has just returned from the Saturday comp at Headland, and he’s pretty animated. Had 82 off the bat, for 42 stableford points – my best round for yonks!!!  Unfortunately it was 4BBB Stableford and my mate did not  contribute much – as a team we had 45 points!!!!

My short game was outstanding –putted for six birdies and dropped three of them!! The only downside was two double bogeys – both the result of wayward tee shots (yes, lost to the right).

But I’m absolutely stoked, so due acknowledgments to you, Paul. Hoping for more of the same as I put your advice into practise!!


Hi Adrian

Just had to tell you I won B Grade today in stroke comp and missed the monthly medal on a count back!!  I have never been close!  Hitting straighter on to the green was the key.  Thank You!!


Hi Tom
Like most people I was very nervous about coming to a golf school for a full week. I was worried that I wasn’t even good enough to be there but I must say,not only did I love it, I can’t believe how much I learnt. In fact I think I learnt even more than I think as I seem to be a lot calmer playing now and seem to understand things better and don’t ‘panic’ ( I think the word you used) anymore and am excited about how well I can play now….not scared of how poorly I play (in front of other people). I can’t thank you enough and I can not wait to see you guys again,I now know I can do this and I look forward to my golfing future
Luke G

G’day Tom,

Even most of the miss-hits go straight now and I hold no fear of the sand either, thanks to your tuition.


Thank you for your time last week, I feel like I squeezed 4 years worth of learning into 5 days. Interestingly though I never felt overwhelmed, in fact I got more excited as the week went on. I loved playing at The Glades and Sanctuary Cove, that alone was worth the experience, but to play my best ever rounds on those courses was amazing. Never thought I would say this but I cant wait to get home and practice my new short game. See you again next year.
Darren James


My putting has been pretty solid actually, I am starting to nail some longer putts. I am averaging around 30-29 putts a round, so I am pretty happy with it, but can definitely improve. My lag putting is also getting better, I may have a 3 putt every now and then but not as many as I used to.

I just shot my best round ever of -2 the other day, and hit the ball pretty solid. Hopefully that  is starting to come good but I would say putting is one of my strengths now particularly within 3 metres.

Thanks so much!
Grant Commins

Just a quick email to thank you for last week. Wow is all I can say.  I loved the coaching, was simple and easy to understand, loved the courses, don’t even know what to say about that, but I mostly enjoyed your friendly and caring manner. 50 years of coaching could have ‘hardened’ some coaches up, but not you…..I think my highlight was the night we had dinner. Time flew and I could listen to stories of your golf travels all night. Hopefully with my ‘new’ game I might start to travel playing golf and loving it too very soon. When ever you are in Melbourne you know who to look up for a game
Adam Wilcox

Morning Terry,

Had a great time over the weekend. I learnt so much about the grip and swing plane, more so as to why you do the things you should do.

I do have one problem now, out on the course I hit my 9 iron to the green, but it went flying over the back of the green, normally I wouldn’t even make close to the green. This was over water and I had the confidence to go over the water and not around it!!

Best Regards,
Luke Galvin

Hi Terry,

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you – especially for your patience- in helping improve my golf!! Back in NZ the conditions have been dreadful until today. I really did play much better BUT need to work on consistency and to practice. Now I know what to do and what to not do – at least most of the time.

Your videos are great and good reminders. Thank you for putting in the golf club with grip – a good reminder for me

I really appreciate your efforts with me and I know there will be a big improvement in my game

Many thanks

Tom / Adrian
Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for last week when I enrolled in the 5 day program. I have never been on the course with a coach before and I can see now why my thinking was completely wrong. I now understand the game of golf a lot better and your on course instruction was worth the price of admission alone. Great experience!
Lorry Graham